Our Services:
Braddons has excellent support and reputation within the London insurance market.

How are we regulated?

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and our Company reference number is 312399. This information may be verified on the register available on the FCA website or by contacting the FCA on +44(0)800 111-6768. The FCA is an independent body that regulates General Insurance, Mortgages, and the Financial Services Industry.

Our client charter

  1. We will always work with your best interests at the focus of our activity.
  2. We will never knowingly or purposefully act in a fashion that could compromise or reflect detrimentally on your business.
  3. We will only act for you where we know we have the necessary level of competency and knowledge to assist you to evaluate and manage risks arising from your business activities. We will decline to act for you in regard to any aspect of your business in which we do not have the required level of capability and if requested by you will work with other parties to ensure your best interests are sustained.
  4. We will if requested enter into Service Level Agreements and always act reasonably to meet your requirements and expectations of service from us.
  5. We will co-operate in liaising with and working alongside other professional consultants engaged by you to effect and maintain appropriate legal and contractual obligations.
  6. We will use our professional skills and relationships to the best of our ability to offer value insurance solutions.
  7. We will send to you written confirmation of insurance cover placed on your instruction and where necessary issue confirmatory documentation and supporting letters within acceptable timescales. We will endeavour to send this to you within 7 business days from receipt of all relevant documents and information required to satisfy insurers.
  8. As a firm which is regulated by the FCA we are committed to ensure that as a minimum, our clients will be treated fairly and receive all such relevant information required within the guidelines set-out by the FCA.

Commercial Property

Whether you need to insure a single office or a multinational portfolio of properties, Braddons can find you a solution that provides the right cover at the best possible price. Unlike brokers who are tied into schemes with particular insurers and who have little flexibility beyond them, Braddons has the freedom to access a wide range of markets to find the optimal insurance for each and every client. In some cases this includes the design of unique policies tailored perfectly to a business's individual requirements.

We are pleased to offer a complete service above and beyond the placement and maintenance of commercial property insurances, including:
•  Claims handling, management and reporting services
•  Contractual analysis and advice during property acquisition or disposal
•  Provision of risk management advice
•  Rapid (often same-day) issue of insurance documents where necessary

Braddons has a proven track record in the commercial property sector with experience of diverse property types - from commercial ports to student villages - both in the UK and in Europe.

Some of our past and present commercial property clients include The Stainton Group, Bonnytoun Estates Limited, Jarvis plc and Langham Industries.

Construction & Engineering

Braddons has built an excellent reputation over many years of experience within the construction and engineering sector. From the Channel Tunnel to schools and fire stations built under Private Finance Initiative schemes and student accommodation built via University Public Private Partnerships, we have broad experience of the construction industry and its specialised insurance requirements.  

The support we offer begins at the earliest stages of a project, during the planning, bidding and financial review processes. We are experienced with planning issues that may arise including Judicial Review proceedings and Rights of Light disputes and can arrange insurance to protect against the costs arising from these eventualities. Braddons also have the experience and the industry contacts to let us give you an accurate estimate of insurance costs for the construction phase of a project and beyond, enabling you to structure your bid with confidence.

We have strong relationships with some of the foremost construction and engineering insurers in the world, including Zurich Commercial, ACE European Group, Aviva Insurance and Allianz Insurance. We can use these relationships to ensure that the insurance we obtain is tailored perfectly to match your requirements.
This gives us the flexibility to incorporate lenders' and Authorities' policy endorsements where necessary and to issue documentation with a very short turnaround period.  

We are also experienced in regard to the specific requirements of engineering insurance, with a particular speciality of computers and related equipment. From dongles to datacentres we understand the field and the complex, ever changing risk environment it brings. We are also able to arrange engineering inspections and insurance at competitive premiums for equipment subject to statutory regular inspections such as lifting equipment, electrical systems and pressure vessels.

Some of our past and present Construction and Engineering clients include Eastgate Holdings Limited, Ash Corporate Finance, the Agilisys Group and The Land Group.

Specialist Professional Services

With our clients ranging from computer services providers to hedge fund managers and employment agencies, we understand the risks associated with specialist professional services. We can help you to assess the risks inherent to your business activities and then tailor an insurance package to provide exactly the right amount of protection. We won't encourage you to buy cover that you don't need just to increase our bottom line.

We are also able to provide advice on the subject of self-insurance and the setting up of captive insurance providers, giving you the leverage to minimise your insurance costs while benefiting from the protection you need or which you are contractually obliged to maintain.

As your broker we will always be pleased to perform contract reviews for you to generally ensure that your insurance is adequate for the risks arising out of any particular contract, and specifically that any insurance terms and conditions stipulated in the contract are met. Professional and Corporate insurances including Directors and Officers Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance are one of our areas of expertise, with well over 50 years of experience among our staff in this traditionally poorly understood sector.

Some of our past and present Professional Services clients include The Reed Group, The Royal College of Nursing and the Agilisys Group.


Whether you're moving computers or clients, Braddons can work with you to ensure that the risks involved in transporting them are adequately insured.  

Goods In Transit  
If a major part of your business involves shipping items from one place to another via road, sea, air or rail then we can work with you to protect your business from delays and disasters that may ensue while your goods are en-route, letting you get on with the rest of your business.

Personal Accident and Travel Insurance  
If your staff members spend a lot of time out of the office then a staff Personal Accident and/or Travel policy might help you to save money when dealing with the problems that are often involved with frequent travelling. Braddons can help you to tailor a policy to suit the needs of your business and your employees, allowing you to restrict benefits to key employees or to exclude certain forms of risk in order to balance the benefits of insurance against the premium.

Motor Fleet Insurance
If you have a fleet of cars, vans, coaches or trucks then Braddons can help you to arrange a cost-effective fleet insurance programme. Whether you require Fully Comprehensive insurance or cover on a Third Party, Fire and Theft basis we can provide you with competitive quotations for this class of business. We are also experienced with fleet leasing operations and can help you to deal with the complications involved.

Customer Personal Accident and Travel Insurance
If you operate coaches, ferries or other passenger services, we can put together a Personal Accident and Travel scheme for you to offer to your customers as a way of adding value to their ticket price. The big advantage of a scheme such as this is that bulk discount rates can be obtained, allowing us to drive the price per head down to as little as £1. We would also be able to offer additional cover to your passengers such as an extended period of insurance or cover for winter sports at a low additional premium.

Waste & Energy

With an increasing focus on sources of renewable energy and responsible waste management, demand is high for novel strategies in this field. We have been working with companies from day one to help them protect their operations and their intellectual property and to manage the other risks of doing business in this competitive area. Fields with which we have experience include natural gas production, anaerobic digestion, gas plasma reclamation of waste material, wave power and solar energy.

We can help you to insure not only the physical risks associated with your operations but also the less tangible risks that emerge with the development of new technologies. On the physical side we can provide Construction, Engineering and Operational policies for your business. On the financial side there's Professional Indemnity insurance, Directors and Officers insurance to protect your investors, and comprehensive Intellectual Property Insurance that can safeguard your own patents whilst also defending you against intellectual property claims from others.