Our Clients:
Braddons has excellent support and reputation within the London insurance market.

Who we work for?

Companies for whom we act operate across a broad spectrum of business. For a number of sectors of industry such as construction, a high degree of knowledge and relationships within the insurance market are essential to deliver proper commercial solutions. The complex skills and abilities required for these sectors have been achieved during more than 36 years of operating for major property, construction and engineering companies as well as major Government infrastructure projects. Our specialist risk and insurance capabilities include private and public sector property investment, construction and engineering, on-shore and off-shore energy, information technology and transport.

Our network of connections offers tremendous resource and access to sources of information and technology not generally available. Braddons has excellent support and reputation within the London insurance market, a vitally important asset which we guard carefully and maximise to benefit our clients. Resourced by skilled and dedicated insurance and legally trained personnel, we continually work hard to create innovative risk financing solutions alongside conventionally arranged insurance programmes. Competency and training are key to maintaining “top-brick” service capabilities and established professional development is crucially important to us.

Our strong commercial acumen, business management skills, legal knowledge and determination in negotiations are part of our commitment to succeed. We are determined to provide quality services and products to customers and to achieve best value solutions, contributing in part to the success of our clients.

How we work?

Our clients operate within a business environment with a complexity of risk exposure requiring specific understanding and specialist underwriting capabilities. We place insurance and reinsurance business is the world's foremost insurance market, that centred around Lloyd's of London. From here we have the benefit of the most creative and innovative minds and appetite for insuring the most complex risk. We use the very strong relationships we have with many insurance companies and underwriting concerns within the London insurance market to benefit our clients.

The success of our business depends entirely upon the satisfaction of our clients with the consistent level of service and products we provide. It is the personal dedication of our people to deliver best value and professionalism that we believe distinguishes us from others. We act always in the best interests of our clients. In doing so, our best interests are also served.